Digital events: more than just a webinar?


Digital events are rapidly evolving as are delegate expectations of what is included at one. Historically these would take the format of a simple webinar, but they have become so much more.

Before we delve into this, here’s a quick reminder of what a webinar is:

What’s in a Webinar
Starting life in the late 90s, a webinar is a simple web-based seminar or lecture. Often designed for smaller groups for internal meetings, training sessions or as they are used for these days, client collaboration. They usually include options such as Q&A, polls, whiteboard and markup abilities.

The reason webinars were ‘unique’ initially is that they were live rather than recorded and allowed two-way communication with functionality such as sharing of computer desktops applications, PowerPoint slides, chat and polling to create interactivity and get audience feedback.

Webinars have become a superior part of the 21st Century marketing mix with the ability to deliver content to a dispersed audience efficiently.

Why opt for a virtual event, isn’t it the same thing?
Now, virtual events may well include a webinar or multiple webinars, but they are so much more than a single stand-alone session.

A virtual event is so much more powerful as it usually combines elements of other digital event tools that are included to re-create many of the recognisable features of a physical event.

No two events are the same but, in a standard Ivent virtual event, users will have multiple different options in terms of what they want to participate in, how they want to engage and where they want to go.

They can attend live seminars, participate in a discussion in a networking area, live chat one to one with other event visitors, visit an event booth and meet with its representatives, join in on a webinar or even be invited to a job interview in a video room.

Typically, our virtual events will have a programme of webinars, which makes up just a part of the overall event experience.

Webinars are excellent as a marketing or information delivery tool but they aren’t events in the classic sense of what we know as an event. Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Careers Fairs, product launches and multi-dimensional conferences (networking areas, breakouts and multiple presentations) that are delivered online are not webinars.

Any good virtual event platform will also contain a host of features designed to help manage delegates such as interactive agendas, event news’ feeds, meeting slot capabilities for booth reps and delegates to meet, information stands, ticker tape announcements and a real-time attendance list.

Webinars are here to stay, they are an important part of the digital event mix but organisations are now seeking more than just a simple presentation capability – they want engagement, they want delegates to be able to host meetings with each other and they want all of the best parts of a physical event represented online.

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