Our top tips for university peer-to-peer communications strategies

At Ivent we certainly believe in the power of peer to peer communications and many of our Uni clients agree for the following three reasons, which is evidenced in our platform data insights from the last 7 years of working in this sector:

  1. Prospective students get a better, more honest experience of the uni
  2. Communication can be on-going throughout the application to enrolment process
  3. Higher conversion rates for offer holders accepting and enrolling

Successful businesses have for years embraced the power of peer to peer communications as it creates a sense of cohesion, trust and allows the exchange of honest feedback and insight. It makes complete sense for Uni’s to do the same by facilitating and embedding peer to peer communication with their student ambassadors and prospective applicants as part of their student recruitment activity.

Here’s our top tips for universities to get the most from student ambassador programmes

  • Choose ambassadors wisely. Have a good mix of students who had different experiences: some might have come through clearing, have a range of A level grades, live in different types of accommodation and come from different countries!
  • Give ambassadors the same training you might give to your student recruitment team – ultimately, they are doing the same job, albeit slightly differently
  • Make access to each other easy and straight-forward – it’s got to be instant and online, tools such as our Uni-Connect simplify this
  • Listen, analyse and respond to the conversations being had in the chats and tailor your content in the bigger virtual open day events so that you’re providing answers to the questions you know prospective students really want to ask

Fundamentally, giving potential new students access to an authentic voice within the uni, someone just like them who had the same questions, concerns and sometimes fears, is possibly the most powerful tool in a university’s student recruitment toolkit.

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