Why A Virtual Event Is So Much Better Than A Webinar

We’re often told by new clients that they already ‘do’ virtual events. However, when we get down to the nitty gritty, we frequently find that what they actually do is provide a webinar. A virtual event is so much more powerful than a webinar, here’s why….

First of all, let’s be clear with some definitions:

A webinar is a simple web-based live seminar or lecture, which can be pre-recorded and delivered as if live. Often designed for smaller groups for internal meetings, training sessions they usually include options such as Q&A, polls, whiteboard and mark-up abilities and importantly allow two-way communication with functionality such as sharing of computer desktops applications, PowerPoint slides, chat and polling to create interactivity and get audience feedback.

Now, a virtual event combines several different online tools such as a variety of different event spaces that may include video, live chat, webinars, and social media integration, to create a more diverse and complete user experience.

What makes a virtual event so much better than a webinar then?

Just like in the world of physical events, no two are the same. But, in a sample Ivent virtual event, attendees have multiple choices in terms of how they receive information, how they interact with others and how they use the information they’ve gathered in the future.

Virtual events allow attendees to engage and interact in several different ways. They can attend live seminars, participate in a discussion in a networking area, live chat or audio chat one to one with other event visitors or in group, visit an event booth and meet with its representatives, contribute to the overall content, join in on a webinar or even be invited to a first stage job interview in a video room.

Typically, Ivent virtual events will also have a programme of webinars, which makes up just a part of the overall event experience.

It’s true that webinars are an important element in the marketing mix, but with organisations increasingly wanting more than just a live presentation, a virtual event provides so much more opportunity both for varied content delivery but also for on-going engagement. It will also provide the organiser with far more data about the engagement and interest area of an attendee, thereby best focussing follow-up activity.


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