Hybrid Events

“Blend both a live and an online virtual event. One event, two audiences”

Two distinct audiences can each participate in the same event through different experiential media, designed to provide them with comparable experiences and outcomes from their interaction.

Hybrid Live & Online Event

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Extend your event to new and wider audiences for a fraction of the cost
  • All live event content can be recorded and stored in the online resource centre for viewing way after the live event has finished
  • Use ivent’s unique online networking rooms to connect both audiences
  • Delegates can choose how they wish to attend the event
  • Reduce event and delegate costs
  • Add-ons can include sponsor booths, networking areas and on-demand video rooms
  • Ivent’s platform has been ‘designed for purpose’ for hybrid events
  • Utilises ivent’s powerful webcasting platform
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"We can manage the production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content into the virtual environment. Hybrid events work well for product launches, large conferences and presentation based events."