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If I hold a virtual conference, will I lose the engagement benefits of a live event?


It’s a myth that virtual conferences lack the key benefits of face-to-face conferences, namely the opportunity to engage via networking, meeting new people and enjoying the exhibition hall browsing experience.

Thankfully, perceptions have started to change, and an increasing number and range of organisations are utilising virtual conferences, not just because of their many advantages including cost and time savings, but because they are proving to be more engaging than a live counterpart!

At Ivent, the first piece of advice we give anyone running a virtual conference for the first time is this: Provide great content.

Content that is interesting, different and relevant can be used at a virtual conference in a variety of ways. Ultimately, if the content isn’t engaging, your audience won’t engage with it or you. A virtual conference offers so many ways to deliver your content that can be more powerful for the delegate than sitting in a meeting room or auditorium being talked at, which when you think about it, isn’t that engaging (depending on the speaker and the content of course!) and from our experience we have seen that the number of questions asked at a virtual conference far exceeds that at a physical conference, creating greater engagement.

With respect to networking, with just a few clicks, attendees can meet others in dedicated booths, collaborate with peers through live chat, ask questions in real time, take a tour and browse an exhibition hall – all from the comfort of their office or home.

There are other benefits too:

Keeping the costs down for you and your delegates

All the costs typically associated with hosting a physical conference, from venue hire, AV equipment, speaker travel, to hiring staff and providing hospitality, are simply removed. All you need to pay is for a virtual event platform provider. From the delegate side, there are no travel or hotel costs, making it much cheaper for them to attend.

Anytime, anywhere

Delegates can attend digital events from anywhere in the world, and if they can’t log in when the event is running, they can still benefit from the on-demand content later. All you need in order to attend is a connected device and a decent internet connection.

Networking made easy

Attendees of a physical conference often need to scour exhibition rooms and corridors searching for nametags and tracking down those with whom they want to meet. With a virtual conference, these physical barriers are stripped away. Attendees have immediate access to fellow delegates, as well as speakers and exhibitors, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Valuable insight

Virtual conferences yield data that simply cannot be accurately obtained from a physical event. You can see for example which sessions attendees watched, which virtual booths they visited, what resources they downloaded from booths, with whom they spoke and what questions were asked and the answers etc. This is great insight for planning future events or following up with attendees!

Still not convinced?

Ivent delivers virtual conferences for communications teams to deliver internal large or small scale meetings and seminars, for marketing teams launching products to a worldwide audience and HR functions delivering onboarding, training and CPD. Ivent virtual conferences include market leading functionality with a personal agenda builder and also a delegate pay portal for when you’re charging delegates to attend.

There’s a reason we know we’re right, our experience in delivering engaging virtual conferences for almost a decade!

To find out more about our unique virtual conference platform, simply give us a call on 0844 5678979

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