What is a virtual event?

During our first conversations with clients we are often asked ‘what is a virtual event? how does it work?’. Although businesses are becoming more familiar with virtual events, there is still a cloud surrounding what they are and how best to host one.

In short, a virtual event (we also call them an iVent) replicates a ‘physical’ location-based event, but online. It allows you to host a global conference, trade show, product launch or recruitment fair from the comfort of your home or office, using only a laptop or mobile and an internet connection.

To answer a few of our other frequently asked questions around hosting a virtual event, I’ve added some key information below to help kick-start your virtual event journey.

Can any event be hosted virtually?

Simply put, yes. We have experienced conferences, recruitment and careers fairs, product launches, trade shows (from all sectors) and open days; to name a few. There are no limitations on the variety of event you could host. We like to start our discussions with clients by asking them what a ‘physical’ event would look like. We then translate that vision into the virtual world. Simply, if you can image it then it’s possible.

What are the main features of a virtual event?

This will always depend on what you want to achieve, and it may seem like an oxymoron – i.e. a virtual event being personal and engaging – but it is. When hosting an iVent you can expect one-to-one live chat and videoconferencing, live seminars and presentations, integrated social media channels as well as ‘real time’ delegate networking features. There are no limitations on the interactivity of a virtual event. We will visualise with you; branded booths, resource centres, sponsor areas, live presentation auditoriums and networking lounges. 

Can I see who comes to my virtual event?

This is easily one of the greatest advantages of hosting your event virtually. The data you can gather on your delegates – from those who register through to those who attend and every action and activity they perform whilst logged in – can give you extremely valuable information for analysis and future marketing purposes.

What sort of business would host an event online?

Some of the biggest global corporates, through to universities and the public sector. They all share the same broad objective – to connect and communicate with their audiences (internal or external) in a meaningful and engaging way. A virtual event does this cost-efficiently, overcoming barriers like time, resource and location. For businesses hosting a virtual event, the biggest advantage is being able to reach an unlimited audience regardless of where they are in the world, with no need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly travel, a virtual event can boost your attendance rates dramatically.

Are there any advantages for someone attending a virtual event?

From the perspective of a delegate attending your virtual event, the main advantages are time and convenience. They can attend at any time, from anywhere in the world and still have the personalised experience they would expect from a physical event; as well as consume content in their own time. How do iVent host virtual events? Our techy ‘platform’ that was built and created in-house is customised for each individual event brief. It might help to think of our ‘platform’ as an online version of a physical venue. It both hosts the event and facilitates the delivery of it.We have in-house project management and design teams who guide you through each step of the process as well as a technical team that are constantly developing and evolving the platform. With everything under one roof, we are able to deliver high quality events with a personal touch throughout.

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