Online Training & Virtual Learning Platform

Training and learning is now an integral part of business - whether it’s driven by legislation change, health & safety, or to boost employee engagement and effectiveness. With a virtual platform, this can be delivered in a cost-efficient, personalised and engaging way across different countries and time zones, using easily accessible and content-rich online training environments.

We will build you an environment that is custom-made to your training programme – it can be a single online training room or a whole virtual academy with multiple classrooms, social halls and resource centres that you can use time and time again.

Online Training Platform

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • A fully scalable environment that is flexible to your training programme and employee or client's needs
  • Advanced presentation system with live Q&A with those being trained
  • Certification training & built-in accreditation
  • Learning management system modules integrated within the virtual platform
  • Training booths that feature live chat, video, training resources, online click through courses, trainer/student video-to-video, live presentations etc.
  • Fully downloadable resource library housing all learning content and reference materials
  • Data analytics to track attendee engagement and participation in the courses
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Build a more effective workforce

Keep track of dispersed employees progress using our in depth analytics portal tracking their training

Improve Employee Performance

Greater access to training courses and certification wil make for a much happier employee

Cost effective Training Solution

Reduce your training costs without losing any of the efficiency

New Employee On-Boarding

Reduce HR resources with automated training programmes and sessions

Corporate Compliance

Ensure your workforce are up to speed with new legislation by delivering effective training across multiple locations

Certification & CIPD

On going professional development is key to an organisation’s success and can be delivered efficiently via a virtual environment

Virtual Training Platform
Live Online Training Event Schedule

Multi-camera HD broadcasting
from a live event

We can manage the production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content into the virtual environment

Deliver multiple supplementary sessions throughout the year to keep your delegates engaged 365

Most audiences are all year round and a virtual event environment enables a low cost content delivery solution to users across the year


The iVent support is outstanding as our clients will tell you and you will have access to speak to us for the duration of your live events. You will be assigned a dedicated event manager at the outset of each project so you have a professional to rely on if you need help. We will ensure you are ‘event ready’ before you go live.

Self Service & White Glove

The iVent platform has been developed with an easy-to-use admin interface so that you can manage your events and content as you wish and in real time however many clients want us to take the strain for them and take advantage of our full “white glove” service.


In the client admin portal you can access a wealth of statistics and data about your events. All of this is in ‘real time ‘meaning you can have an immediate and accurate snap-shot of how successful your event is while it is live. Easy to understand custom reports and graphs are available at the click of a button.