Virtual events for the
Pharmaceutical Industry
and Health-care Agencies

iVent are experts in creating and managing virtual events for the pharmaceutical and health-care industry and agencies.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen significant
growth for virtual events in this sector
for a range of uses.


These have included:

  • Successful products launches
  • Digital hubs for resources
  • Virtual conferences
  • Internal communications
  • Online learning for training and CPD

iVent virtual events have been used for all of the above to deliver engaging and cost-effective online events with global reach.

Product Launches

A popular use for virtual events in the pharmaceutical sector, and by healthcare marketing agencies, is for product launches. If you have a brief to share information about a new product or medicine to a vast and widespread audience, opting to do this virtually not only saves time and money, but can be more interactive and engaging. A virtual event gives the audience chance to download information from a Resource Centre as well as ask questions via the live chat, audio chat and video functionality. Branded auditoriums are a fantastic backdrop to presentations and seminars, and networking areas mean individuals can interact with fellow delegates, join in a group chat or undertake product surveys.

Conferences, Internal Communications & Training

Whether you have a high number of international colleagues to share information with or need to deliver training to a vast and widespread workforce, virtual events are extremely effective for conferences, internal communications and training. Gathering colleagues or individuals that are not based in the same location is notoriously costly and difficult to manage logistically. A virtual conference or training session has all the attributes of a physical event, from live content in a branded auditorium to the opportunity to ask questions, but, delivered virtually. Additionally, conferences have even more scope to engage and interact with the audience via live, audio and video chat as well as online networking booths. One of the key benefits of delivering events such as these virtually is the availability of detailed event analytics, which can include anything from the number of questions asked to the number of times a delegate has revisited the content using the ‘on-demand’ functionality.

Virtual Events Key Features and Benefits:

  • Branded auditoriums to view conference sessions
  • Live presentation, seminar & training auditoriums 
  • Advanced delegate profile feature allowing attendees to network and connect with each other in ‘real time’
  • Unique audio and video chat feature
  • One-to-one private booths via video
  • Networking areas with group chat, surveys, discussions
  • On-demand content to allow attendees the chance to revisit the content
  • Analytics and data-capturing of delegates
  • Resource Centre with product information
lung academy

And finally, why choose iVent?

  • A cost-effective solution allowing multiple events in a year: iVent operates an annual licence fee which means unlimited events can be delivered over the year, often for the fraction of the cost of a physical event.
  • Fully customisable: With functionality to match any requirement, iVent does not use templates but creates the exact event to meet the brief.
  • Secure: GDPR compliant, iVent technology is built in a secure cloud hosted environment with end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe.
  • Led by experts in events: iVent is run by people who understand both events and technology. There are few virtual event suppliers with the experience, knowledge and talent to rival iVent and even fewer who have 8 years’ experience of how to make a virtual event truly effective.
  • Features to create engaging events: The iVent platform offers multiple ways for attendees to engage. With live chat functionality, audio and video chat, webinar presentations, content and networking can be delivered in a variety of ways to keep it interesting, stimulating and engaging.